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The 26-year-old Bundor Valve brings high-quality butterfly valves and knife gate valves to global customers-press release

On August 5, 2020, Bundor Valve reaches 26 years old. Standing at the new starting point at the age of 26, all the obstacles, setbacks, development and achievements along the way can be clearly remembered. Bundor Valve is very grateful to Bundor’s customers, partners and partners who have accompanied and supported Bundor during this process.
The customer comes from a certain country in North America, is a valve distributor, has its own store, and often buys valves from various valve manufacturers and sells them in their own stores.
The customer has cooperated with Bundor Valve twice, Bundor has provided customers with high-quality valve products and perfect after-sales service. The initial pleasant cooperation experience left customers with a good impression of Bondo, and also gave customers a sense of trust in Bondo.
Therefore, the customer once again purchased a batch of gray iron disc butterfly valves from Bundor. After the customer received the goods, they thought that Buntor’s wide-side seat butterfly valve was very good, and even installed it on the pipeline without adding a gasket. Their local customers are also satisfied with this and think that doing so can save a lot of costs. The customer also reported that the quality and appearance of the Bondo butterfly valve are very good and will continue to cooperate with Bondo in the future.
Project Name: A company in Southeast Asia purchases Buntor disc butterfly valves and knife gate valves
The client is an engineering company in Southeast Asia, mainly engaged in various engineering projects. The industries involved include mining, chemical plants, pipeline dust removal system engineering, etc. The company often uses valves as pipe fittings. In order to ensure the quality of the project, the customer put forward higher requirements for the valve quality.
Prior to this cooperation, the customer had already cooperated with Bundor. They bought a batch of butterfly valves from Buntor. After it was installed and put into use, their customer feedback was very good. Therefore, when the customer needed the corresponding disc butterfly valve and knife gate valve for the dust removal system of a certain project, he did not hesitate to choose Bondo valve again.
Due to the good impression brought by the first cooperation, the customer placed the order again after simple communication with the staff of Bundor International Trade Department and clear requirements.
After receiving the wafer butterfly valve and knife gate valve, the customer reported that the quality of the product purchased for the second time was the same as before. This product has been successfully put into use and will continue to cooperate with Bundor Valve in the future.
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Post time: Sep-18-2020

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